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Workbook I (True)

15 EUR

Double-gate folded cover, 3 booklets with images + 1 booklet with the final script of "TRUE" (HD Video, 25.50 Min., 2017)

Workbook I (True)  is accompanying resp. including some of the visual reseach for the video "TRUE" (watch here https://vimeo.com/219751904) while offering a playful, experimental way to "edit" resp. collage new sequences and meanings within the 4 individual parts of the publication (envelope, 3 small inserted publications)

The idea of the "Workbook" was born out of the frustration that a lot of the great image material (a kind of "energy") the artist is encountering during her research phases for new work is becoming kind of invisible and slowly disappearing somewhere in the nowhere of digital data one is collecting, during the progress of the project or at the latest after its finalization. It´s buried on the harddrive.

Because of that Chrischa Oswald selected some of the found image material that inspired or fascinated her most during her first research phase dealing with the topic of "Posture / Being true" (with regard to the physical as well as the emotional attitude) and developed an analogue publication that is – as the process – an approach to an idea that caught her interest, for various reasons. The publication itself is still something to work with, a flexible, open object consisting of a sturdier cover-envelope that holds three small, loose booklets (A5) which can be taken out to discover alternate combinations, to match and mix the images and create new narrations and visuals.
This physical, playful interaction is crucial part of the publication.

As the video-project is finished now, too, the workbook comes with an additional booklet
including the final script of the actual video "TRUE" (HD Video, 25.50 Min., 2017).

It´s also possible to see where the images where found and therefore to learn more about their history/background on your own as the publication includes a page citing the links. So if you´re further interested you can start your personal research process.

Once the inspiration visible in the workbook will have turned into a more abstracted physical artwork (which can manifest itself in a range of media), the workbook will also function as a kind of addendum that can then be seen from a different point of view again.

Furthermore if the workbook series gets continued with other projects it´ll build up a subjective library of visual material that catches the artist´s interest and becomes a pool of aesthetic inspiration that reveals a glimpse inside the artist´s universe.

Find more about the artist and her work here: www.chrischa-oswald.com

HOOLIGAN KATHARSIS is an experimental publishing concept, founded in Berlin, now based in Lisbon.


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Hooligan Katharsis/Chrischa Oswald