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SAL ~ SOL ; SOLO – a collection of poetry inspired by Portugal/Portuguese (PT + EN translation)

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Edition of 100

Softcover Book with 18 poems in Portuguese and photographs, 170 x 120 mm, + smaller booklet with English translation 
Including also handmade + semi-handmade "in-put" (1 illustrated postcard, 1 card with handwritten poem, 1 note on lined paper)


Restriction as freedom resp. poetic errors and combinations only a non-native speaker can stumble into...

This collection of poems written in Portuguese and published under the title „SAL ~ SOL ; SOLO“ (salt, sun, soil) was inspired by a residency in Portugal, mainly in Lisbon, that Chrischa Oswald had undertaken with a close friend.

Falling in love with the country, its people, and last but not least the poetic language that bears a rich literary heritage, she felt eager to learn. To have a motivating goal, she decided to make a publication as soon as there would be around 15 poems. The poems were written between 2016 and May 2017 and are accompanied by photographs that Oswald has taken in Lisbon, too.

Kheira Linder, a German illustrator and dear friend of Chrischa Oswald has been living in Lisbon since their creative stay when they first came to Portugal together at the end of 2015. Their shared passion for the country contributed to the development of a special connection. For this reason they wanted to unite the energy of their inspiring friendship: between the book´s pages you can therefore encounter traces of Kheira's contribution resp. some of her input.

The Portuguese softcover-book is accompanied by another booklet that contains an English translation resp. interpretation.


Chrischa Oswald (*1984) studied Fine Arts at the University of Art and Design in Linz. In 2007 she received the Diesel New Art Award Austria for photography. She is an artist and poet whose work has been exhibited internationally, in group and solo shows. Her videos are also included in the video collection of Manuel de Santaren.

Besides her visual artwork Oswald has continually been cultivating a literary practice (in German and English). Her poems often preserve fleeting moments and sensual observations or serve as a kind of condensed diary, sometimes narrative, sometimes more encrypted. Currently Oswald is living and working between Berlin and Lisbon.

HOOLIGAN KATHARSIS is an experimental publishing concept, founded in Berlin, now based in Lisbon.


(M. Broodthaers)

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Hooligan Katharsis/Chrischa Oswald