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Granny (Set of 10 postcards)

11 EUR

Besides the prints Portrait (Granny I) and Portrait (Granny II) there is also a set of 10 postcards  to support Chrischa Venus Oswald´s book project "Some about Granny" which is an almost a decade long collaboration between the artist and her granny.

1 set (10 postcards, all packaged in one envelope)

350 g/m2, sturdy, UV coated paper, shiny surface, backside great to write on.
In the right corner small print: “Portrait (Granny), 2006 / Chrischa Venus Oswald” - see photos.

I hope that my granny – who was never leaving her home and garden so much – will finally travel the world. I hope she will travel to different places and make people happy or inspire them. This is a special photograph that helped to surprise me in many ways and I hope it will do the same for others – in whatever way.

At some point there might be a book with the project "Some about granny" as well.

Support Chrischa Oswald´s idea and buy a print, a set of postcards or spread the word.

Find more about the artist and her work here: www.chrischa-oswald.com

HOOLIGAN KATHARSIS is an experimental publishing concept as well as
a platform for exchange founded by artist/poet Chrischa Oswald, literary scholar
and anthropologist Isabel Bredenbröker as well as collaborating individuals in late 2015.

Hooligan Katharsis produces and distributes publications and editions
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